Jackaby by William Ritter

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I read a lot of positive reviews about this book and its Holmes-like protagonist, so I had to buy it. I didn’t start to read it yet, but I can’t wait to dig into Jackaby’s world.



85. Failure

Broken wings of hope,
Dreams are sent back, hidden inside an envelope,
To a destination far away from the heart,
That still desires to reach what’s written behind the dark,
Gloomy eyes are crying behind a failure’s mark.

Sâye La Moonbird 🌜

© Sâye La Moonbird


84. Windtrack 🌜

A song I like starts to play on shuffle,
My mind’s at ease, keeping the mouth away from trouble.
The melody reaches the soul of clouds, it echoes inside the rain’s heart.
The birds dance, and the day is ready to start,
Inviting the night to the concert of existence,
A child’s sleeping, enjoying the sound from a distance.


Sâye La Moonbird 🌜

© Sâye La Moonbird

The Black Box

Like I mentioned before, I am into crime fiction lately and this book is the next one on the list. The reviews on the first page are quite promising so I am looking forward to get into its story world.

These kind of crime fiction novels have multiple sequels where the protagonists are solving different forms of crimes. At the moment, I am reading different crime stories with different protagonists and I’m trying to find one character that I want to follow throughout different crime plots.

Do you have a favourite crime novel or series that you enjoy/enjoyed reading?

Saye La Moonbird 🌜

Soul Bookstore

83. Soul Bookstore 🌜

The collection of souls,
Living in chambers with different roles,
Enjoying existence in different centuries,
Narrating their stories with printed memories.
Some had less, some had a lot to gather,
Some were confused, some were ready to enjoy a laughter.

They are ready to retell
They here the sound of a bell,
Finally, eyes to listen have arrived as well.


Sâye La Moonbird 🌜

© Sâye La Moonbird

Hide and Seek

82. Hide and Seek 🌜

There is a game I want to play,

While friends chase me into the grey,

You can hear our laughter in the garden,

Until it’s time to change the target.

Parents are calling a bunch of names,

We can’t hear a word, what are their aims?

Slowly it’s time for the night to arrive,

Let’s leave and sing a song until the sun is ready to arise.

Sâye La Moonbird 🌜

© Sâye La Moonbird