Watcher (Korean Drama)


Finally it’s time for a short k-drama review! Two or three weeks ago, I finished watching “Watcher” and it is one of my favourite Korean dramas of 2019.

The drama deals with an investigation team that tries to catch the culprit that has destroyed their lives. The team consists of four members that joined the team because of different reasons, their own struggles and a shared haunting past. Throughout the episodes we learn more about the characters, how the past effects their choices and how corrupted the police turns out to be.

While watching the drama, I started to have many thoughts and questions inside my mind and was always surprised with the outcome of every episode. I often got confused about who I should trust and believe. Moreover, it was interesting to watch every character’s development while at the same time trying to understand their flaws. As all characters fight for justice with their investigation team, the different episodes showed insights on how every single one of them understands and works differently for their own sense of justice. One of the characters named Do Chi Gwang, states in one of the episodes that “A false belief is not justice”, which clearly underlines the general theme of the story but also rises the question of how to understand and define justice or how far one should go to fulfill the justice one believes in. Does just behaviour immediately bring justice or is it okay to break certain rules, laws or common sense to bring justice to the world? But how different are you from criminals then, as they also work for their own sense of justice?

This confusion also displays itself with the repetition of the question: “Do you know where (our) humanity comes from?”

What do we understand under humane behaviour, how should humanity be defined or how can we demonstrate our humanity and how should real humans behave? Furthermore, in how far does human existence and action differ from other creatures’ behaviour? This were questions that I asked myself while watching the drama and hearing this question (nearly) in every episode.

“Watcher” was an amazing crime drama that forced my mind to work and think a lot about the presented issues and in general about humanity, sense and justice.

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Everyday feels the same, sounds the same and smells identical. The day starts with an early jump and ends with an exhausted mind. Sleep seems to be afraid of the soul and joins thr night very lately. Dreamland went to a place two far away and does not visit the place that needs it the most. While the mind starts to relax and enjoy the peace of the darkness, worries of light fill the eyes of the soul with tears of ticking times. 10 minutes left until the existence rings the bell and opens the door to suffering hearts.

Tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…

The fear of light kills the comfort of a short insight into the happiness of closed minds…

Now it’s time to disappear between the sounds of busy streets and busy lives.

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Four English Novels by British Authors that changed my reading habits

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I’m back again with my very first post for September. Exam season is not entirely over yet but I just have one exam left so it’s not that stressful as before, however I will feel much more relieved after closing the exam season in mid-September.

I changed the layout of my blog and I am quite satisfied with it. I have many ideas for my blog and I hope I can manage to do them all and get more used to the life as a blogger.

LaMoon Library

As my first post for September and as a celebration for my 1st year as an active (somehow) blogger, I wanted to share four novels that changed my reading habits.

At the age of 13, I discovered my love for reading and fell in love with the english language. I read many different books, mostly YA novels that displayed stories of young teens that struggled with different problems of youth and the pain of growing up. After feeling more confident with the english language, I also started reading english books so that I could develop my english writing skills. Until then, I was simply a bookworm that enjoyed reading stories that are disguised between pages. After I entered university and became a Literature student, my reading habits, preferences and view on Literature has changed completely. Now I want to share four novels by british authors that had a great impact on these changes.

1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice is the first novel I read by Jane Austen. I immediately fell in love with the storyline and Austen’s way of writing and storytelling. I even wrote a term paper about the novel, so I literally know the whole story by heart. It was one of the first british classics I read after starting to study English Literature. Thus, it was one of the first times I read a book thoroughly and analysed it for academic purposes. Although I spent so much time on the novel, I did not get bored of it and I wrote my first term paper at the university about this novel. While researching for my topic, I also read a lot about Austen’s personal life which totally inspired me. Thus, while reading Jane Austen for the first time and researching for my first academic work at the university, I learned a lot and got excited about my uni life and the things I will continue to learn.

I think there are not many people left who did not read Pride and Prejudice, but if you haven’t you should definitely read it.

2. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Although I’m not sure if everyone knows the true story of Shelley’s novel, I’m certain that nearly everyone is familiar with the monster. Continuing with Shelley, I present the second female writer that had an huge impact on my reading habits. In my 3rd semester (if I recall correctly), I had a seminar where we read different classics from different periods and likewise read Frankenstein while talking about Dark Romanticism and the rise of the gothic novel. At first I thought that I won’t enjoy the novel as I am not into this kind of stories, but I totally enjoyed it and it is now one of my favourite classics of British literature. The whole idea of the story, the writing and narrative style totally amazed me and it was thrilling to read. I was happy that I took the seminar and read different kind of stories that shape the literary periods of British literature. At the beginning of university, I was not completely sure if I chose the right field but this seminar and especially this novel reminded me of how much I enjoyed reading books and it also extended my interest in Literature and my sense of analysing literary works.

3. Sign Of Four by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

For a very long time I did not try to read the stories about Sherlock Holmes as I was not interested in them at first. But after giving the novels a try, I fell in love with the stories, Holmes’ character and the overall theme of the world of Sherlock Holmes. Moreover, these stories influenced my reading taste and I started to read more crime fiction and now I’m an avid reader and lover of this genre. Sign Of Four is my favourite case of Sherlock Holmes as I did not expect the ending and it was so intriguing to read.

4. The Posion Belt by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

After reading the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, I wanted to read more stuff by Doyle as I totally enjoyed his writing style. So I read the stories about Professor Challenger and I likeswise totally enjoyed them. My favourite story of Prof. Challenger and his crew was The Poison Belt. It was bizarre, weird and rationally pointless. If you haven’t read it yet, you should definitely check it out.

Before starting university, I read because I loved how different combinations of words took me into different story worlds where I met new friends. After starting university, I entered different kind of genres and periods, discovered new authors and new countries. My small shelf turned into a place of different times, words, languages, expressions and characters. There are still books left that I can’t wait to read and to experience. Now words are not simply a road that takes me to new worlds, but rather every word and sentence is a portal in itself, which leads me to different forms of communication and understanding of different story worlds. Not only the presented plot introduces you to a new story world, the words and sentences are story worlds in themselves.

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A quick moony update

Hey there:),

I started this blog last year in September. I really wanted to share some of my writings and also wanted to engage with other writers. Therefore, I shared a lot of my poems and thoughts and I tried to be active not only on this blog, but also via sites like instagram and commaful. Unfortunately, I couldn’t share as much as I wanted to and couldn’t be as active as I planned before. Thus, I want to change this and want to be more active and upload much more content. However, it’s exam season and I am busy with university, therefore I have to do a short break and concentrate on my studies.

That’s why I plan to make a great comeback in September with more content while celebrating my one year anniversary of blogging! I will share my favourite novels, my favourite authors and favourite poems. I am also a big fan of Asian dramas, especially korean ones so I want to share my favourite dramas as well. I plan to share much more of my own works and interests. Moreover, I want to engage with more writers in wordpress and get better in blogging as I am still an amateur and don’t really know how to fully engage and present myself in this small world.

So, I’ll be on a short break until September and hope to see you all again when exam season is over.

Thanks to everyone who has been following my blog until now and I hope you’ll be there when I am back with more content.

Be happy and healthy,

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Beastly Bones

Beastly Bones by William Ritter

📌 LaMoon Library

I recently finished reading Jackaby by William Ritter. The characters and the setting of the story were really interesting and I love the fact that is set in the 19th century. The overall construction of the detective theme and Jackaby’s interesting but weird personality reminds you of Sherlock and his world and I absolutely loved the resemblance. But instead of chasing “humane” crimes, Jackaby is a detective that sees everything that is beyond our world and chases creatures with mystical and supernatural backgrounds.

I genuinely enjoyed meeting those different creatures that Jackaby and her female sidekick Abigail meet and chase throughout the novel and I also think that both of the characters have amazing and distinctive personalities that surprisingly complement each other very well. The only think I thought the first book was lacking was suspense. I didn’t really feel that much excitement while they were investigating their first real case. The story was well plotted and I loved the appearances of different creatures that live within the human realm. But unfortunately, the different events did not really surprise me and I didn’t feel the tension I was actually waiting for when I first read about the book.

But as I really liked the characters and the overall setting, I will continue to read the books and I hope there’ll be cases with more suspense and surprising events. That’s why I bought the sequel Beastly Bones and can’t wait to read more about the odd and bizarre things Jackaby will continue to do.

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Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

📌 LaMoon Library

I actually took this picture a few days ago but forgot to post it. So here it is!

As a big Jane Austen fan, I own all of her novels. At first I wanted to buy all her books with a similar cover to make my Austen collection more visible, but there are so many beautiful and different covers that I decided to buy them as different as possible.


Are book covers important to you?


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drowning bird

100. Drowning Bird 🌜

Scrambled word plays,

Uneasy minds follow a heart race,

Terrified eyes lock the surface,

Hypnotized ears get lost inside a light space,

—- “who am I?” —-

Echoes inhabit a soul’s hidden base.


Sâye La Moonbird 🌜

© Sâye La Moonbird